Terms & Conditions

Shaka Surf Camps Ltd Consumer Disclosure Notice
Mandatory Information You Must Know and Understand

Documents: Passports valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of departure are mandatory for UK & European citizens when traveling to all foreign countries. All persons traveling abroad must be responsible for their own visas in countries, which require visas to enter.

It is critical that you consult the Consulate offices of the destination country in order to verify its entry visa requirements, and this must typically be done well in advance of travel as some visas can take weeks to months to obtain.

Vaccinations: The Centers for Disease Control maintains update, expert information on this subject on their website It is highly recommended that you (the traveller) are up to date on all relevant vaccinations.

Consult with your doctor in advance of your departure and get professional medical advice. For further information visit www.nhs.uk on health travel.

Medical Conditions: Mandatory for all travellers to ensure you declare any medical conditions prior to booking with Shaka Surf Camps. You (The Traveller) must ensure that you are fit to travel and have all relevant medication, which must be approved by the airline & country of entry as legal medicines.

Travel Insurance: Shaka Surf Camps recommends comprehensive travel insurance through, sabreinsuranceservices.co.uk or a reputable insurance company which may include coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, baggage delay, baggage loss, theft or damage, travel delay, emergency medical and dental, emergency medical transport and evacuation, and travel accident insurance.

Shaka Surf Camps Ltd accepts no responsibility for any or all of the above regardless of the traveller’s decision to purchase travel insurance. This insurance is essential for some Shaka Surf Camp holidays.

Airline tickets: All Airline tickets are the responsibility of the traveller. Before purchasing your airline ticket it is recommended that you liaise with the Head Office of Shaka Surf Camps.

Bookings: All bookings are subject to availability, and at the discretion of Shaka Surf Camps. All enquiries to come through our head office at Shaka Surf Camps.

Cancellation/Refund Policy: Unless otherwise specified all tour deposits and payments are non-refundable. There are no refunds or partial refunds given for early departures or checkouts from any tour, charter, expedition, or other trip. There are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to surf or weather conditions. There are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to political instability.

Surfboards: Most airlines charge excess baggage fees for surfboards. Some airlines have excess and oversized baggage embargos during select times of the year to select countries. Some aircraft types do not accept surfboards at all or only accept surfboards within required dimensions. Please ensure that you have booked your travel on a surf- friendly airline. If you book your tickets online, you do so at your own risk, and Shaka Surf Camps accepts no responsibility for failure of surfboards to arrive at your destination and such outcome will have no bearing on Shaka Surf Camps cancellation policies.

Website Accuracy: Shaka Surf Camps, will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our website, it is however intended as a guide to the tours & services provided, which may occasionally change.

Media & Images: Shaka Surf Camps will at times be exposed to media interests, blogs, Face Book, Twitter. Images and editorials are likely to be used by Shaka Surf Camps for promotion, marketing and exposure to Shaka Surf Camps. Please inform Shaka Surf Camps in writing if you do not consent to images, editorials you being used commercially by Shaka Surf Camps.

Law and Jurisdiction: These conditions form a contract between us, which will be construed in accordance with English Law, and it is agreed between us that each will submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Cancellation by you: If you wish to cancel your booking before the commencement of your tour you will be required to pay the following surcharges:

1)  60 or more days before departure – retention of deposit
2)  55 – 45 days before departure – 50% of the total cost of your trip
3)  44 – 35 days before departure – 80% of the total cost of your trip
4)  34 -20 days before departure – 90% of the total cost of your trip
5)  Less than 20 days – 100% of the total cost of your trip

If you leave a tour before the specific end date, other than as a result of a breach of this agreement, no refund will be paid to you.

Complaints: If, during your tour you wish to make a complaint, you should inform Shaka Surf Camps as soon as possible. We advise any such complaints or problems be raised with the Tour Manager. We will investigate any claims made and try to resolve them. If the matter cannot be resolved during the tour then you must write a letter to our head office at least 2 weeks after the end of your tour.

Shaka Surf Camps will only deal with complaints made by the person on the tour or legal guardian if a minor. The client will receive a written reply from the Director of Shaka Surf Camps or The Operations Manager.

Disciplinary Procedure: Shaka Surf Camps will discuss any miss conduct with any persons not acting in accordance with Shaka Surf Camps Code of Conduct. If the problem cannot be resolved and unacceptable behaviour continues the Tour Manager will issue a written warning highlighting that continued unacceptable behaviour may require any participant to leave the tour without compensation if that person acts in such a manner as to disrupt, endanger him/herself, or any other Shaka Surf Camps staff or guests.

Release and Assumption of Risk
I understand and agree that during the tour, expedition, or other trip in which I will participate, under the arrangements of Shaka Surf Camps hereinafter its agents, employees, associates, affiliated companies, or subcontractors, certain risks and dangers may arise, including, but not limited to, acts of God, the hazards of traveling in unsafe or politically unstable areas or under unsafe conditions, the dangers of civil disturbances and war, the forces of nature, dangers and risks inherent in sporting activities, the negligent or reckless acts or omissions of Shaka Surf Camps its agents, employees, officers, directors, associates, affiliated companies, or subcontractors, travel by boat, automobile, train, ship, aircraft, or other means of conveyance, and accident or illness in remote places without access to medical facilities, transportation, or means of rapid evacuation and assistance.

Shaka Surf Camps shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any traveller in connection with any of the above and/or terrorist activities, social or unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the travel agent’s control.

Traveller assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases the agent and or Shaka Surf Camps from any duty of, checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety or security conditions at such destinations. For information concerning possible dangers at international destinations, contact the consulate for the traveling destination.

In consideration of, and as a part of the payment for, the right to participate in such treks, tours, expeditions, or other activities and as a part of the payment for, the services arranged for me by Shaka Surf Camps and its agents, employees, associates, affiliated companies, or subcontractors.

I DO HEREBY EXPRESSLY ASSUME ALL OF THE ABOVE RISKS, including, to the extent permitted by law, the risk of negligent or reckless acts or omissions of Shaka Surf Camps, its agents, employees, officers, directors, associates, affiliated companies, or subcontractors, and I DO HEREBY EXPRESSLY AGREE TO FOREVER RELEASE, DISCHARGE AND HOLD Shaka Surf Camps and its agents, employees, officers, directors, associates, affiliated companies, and subcontractors HARMLESS against any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, suits, claims, and demands of any and every kind and nature whatsoever which I now have or which may hereafter arise out of or in connection with my trip or participation in any activities arranged for me by Shaka
Surf Camps and its agents, employees, associates, affiliated companies, or subcontractors.

THE TERMS OF THIS AGREEMENT SHALL SERVE AS A COMPLETE RELEASE AND EXPRESS ASSUMPTION OF RISK for myself, my heirs, assignees, administrators, executors, and all members of my family, including any minors accompanying me.