Shaka Surf Coaching

Our qualified instructors at Shaka Surf Camps offer: Intermediate, Advanced and Elite surf coaching. Scroll down the page for details.

How we coach using our unique formulas

Our unique tried and tested coaching formulas are designed to match your unique requirements.
Our unique tried and tested coaching formulas are designed to match your unique requirements in an easily understandable and implementable process in a fun and safe environment suited to your needs. We have coached thousands of surfers ranging from complete newbies to elite athletes and understand that no matter what level the best approach is a bespoke plan for each surfer, even though you may be in a group lesson plan your mentoring will be varied from the others.

Each day we will take you to the most suitable waves, coach, film and assess you throughout the day, giving you instant feedback to go back out again and re preform the techniques with a greater understanding of what you need to do to improve. We will at times be in the surf line with you, teaching you how to position in the line up and choose the right waves and provide instant in the surf feedback.

You will be given your unique coaching card that will allow your coach to score and evaluate your daily progress to enable us to reset your next lesson and also for you to be able to follow your progress in a measured way.

In the evening we will go over the video and photos providing you with video analysis and comparative feedback. It is critical that you are able to visualise your technique to understand where you need to improve and what the correct techniques look like. This can be bit daunting watching yourself in a group but its fun too and always a good laugh watching the thrills and spills!

Using “Eye Ball” traditional methods along with video and photo analysis we can build an overall picture of your level. We will then DECONSTRUCT and COMPARTMENTALISE YOUR TECHNIQUE allowing us to pinpoint which areas require the most attention and highlighting your strengths. We can then begin to RE BUILD your technique, joining up the process allowing you to progress. In most cases it is not the whole process that requires attention but usually only one or two parts of the manoeuvre that has gone wrong!

An Example: The cutback manoeuvre.

  1. You may not be looking back towards the breaking wave.
  2. You may lack a twisting action at the hips.
  3. You may not be beginning the cutback from a high enough point on the wave face.

With this unique approach we can improve your strength’s and begin to eliminate your errors.

Whether you are with us for a week or more you are guaranteed to improve now and well beyond. However, it’s the stoke and dedication you have going forward that will now really improve your skills and by using our formulas you will have the “TOOL BOX” to continue to improve!


This level is for surfers wanting to progress quicker than you could on your own or from advice from your mates! Be aware though that this is a stage of your surfing that although loads of fun will test your endurance and patience at times. There is much to learn, so there is no particular time frame to progress from this level to the much higher and technically demanding Advanced level.

You are confident with the basics and are now beginning to perform in more challenging conditions or want to improve in a specific area of your surfing.

During your coaching you will learn to:

  • Understand in greater detail how the ocean works as well as rescue techniques and prevention.
  • Out back green wall wave surfing
  • Positioning in the line-up and wave selection
  • Advanced paddling techniques
  • Direct pop up
  • Bottom and top turns
  • Cutbacks to the foam and re – direction
  • To generate speed on your fore – hand & back – hand
  • Understand how your body movements affect your surfing (biomechanics)
  • Fitness to help you improve & nutrition
  • Understanding different use of equipment for changing surf conditions
  • Using wave and wind models
  • And loads more!
With this solid and detailed coaching under your belt you will now be able to go out and practice with confidence and with time preform each manoeuvre faster, at the correct time and with a more radical & controlled approach.


BOOMB!! You are serious about your surfing and are either a hot shot wanting to go pro and surf comps or master certain or all the major manoeuvres in your repertoire and many more.

You will also expand your ocean awareness knowledge, allowing you to take on the greater challenges that lie ahead.

This level is all about coaching and fine-tuning your technique enabling you to preform your manoeuvres with speed, power, flow and control.

During your coaching you will learn to:

  • Surf in bigger more challenging waves.
  • Take off from a variety of positions on the wave.
  • Quickly generate speed.
  • Select the correct manoeuvre at the right time
  • Understand how your body movements affect your manoeuvres (biomechanics)
  • Fitness and nutrition.
  • Preform with speed, power and control surfing in both directions:
  • The perfect bottom turn
  • Re-entry’s, snaps and carves off the top
  • Tube riding
  • Floaters
  • Cut backs with re – bound
  • Aerials and reverses
  • Finishing manoeuvres.
  • Contest surfing.
  • You will be invited to attend HIGH Performance Camps abroad.
  • You will be trained & coached to a level, which will also enable you to complete internationally

Elite Surf Coaching: (Stand Alone Package) Prices TBC

You are now a rookie pro and need mentoring and coaching to improve and maintain focus on short and long-term goals. This is where you build a coaching relationship with your coach and work as a team individually and with other similar level ability surfers.

You are able to perform all major and progressive manoeuvres with confidence and consistency with speed, power and control, so where to from here?

The top WCT surfers are constantly improving their skills in many areas in order to have a competitive advantage over their opponents.

Shaka Surf Camps will coach & mentor you to ensure you achieve the following:

Short- Mid term goals:

  • Assessment of needs.
  • Biomechanics and fitness assessment.
  • Advantages of nutritional programs
  • Tactical technique video analysis coaching.
  • Bespoke implementation of fitness program.
  • Competition surfing:
  • What the judges want and understanding the criteria.
  • Rules and interference rule with case studies from live heats.
  • Using priority to your advantage and case studies of live heats.
  • Surfing against the buzzer beater.
  • Planning and preparing for a competition.
  • Heat strategies and scenario training.
  • Mental preparation.
  • Your demon stressors, examining what throws you off and what makes you fire up.
  • The will to win, case studies and tools to help you improve your mental game.
  • Plan-do-review. The importance of learning from your wins and losses.
  • Heat drills (lots of them) with some curved balls thrown in for fun!
  • Setting yourself apart, your uniqueness.
Long-term goals:

It is crucial to understand what you want and how you plan to achieve this. It is also necessary to be realistic as not reaching goals can have a diverse effect on your confidence and be a major setback.

Time frames will be placed and constant assessment and reviews will take place to measure success before moving on to the next goal.

Shaka Surf Camps will coach & mentor you to ensure you achieve the following:

  • Marketing you and managing your career path.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Setting up blogs and you tube posts.
  • Getting the most for you and help you make the right choices to pursue a career in surfing.